Do you have full visibility of your IT and business processes

Monitor. Visualise. Relax. Stay ahead of infrastructure issues

25 Years of experience.

We use Zabbix to monitor our own infrastructure. We trust it , we rely on it. So it makes sense to extend this as a service to our clients

Let us design, build and deploy a solution to make your life easier. Zabbix is a great tool , but it requires experience to know what metrics to monitor and what thresholds to set.

If the right components of your network or business processes are monitored constantly, it removes a lot of stress and saves time and money

End-to-End Solution

We can provide all the elements that are required to monitor your network components including :

  • Installing,managing and hosting Zabbix
  • Identify key elements to monitor
  • Calculate alert thresholds
  • Design & build dashboards

Dashboards and more...

Example Dashboard
check list diagram

Why a managed service ?

You can focus on your core business , whilst we take care of building, running and managing your networks. Leveraging our network infrastructure and expert technical capabilities can optimise your cost base and maximise the performance of your network – leaving you free to focus on what's important to you.

Simple monthly pricing

Our fixed price , monthly subscription covers all your needs

Constant monitoring of network health

Every key piece of equipment is monitored 24x7 and important health metrics are gathered constantly. If anything develops a fault, is offline or showing abnormal performance, we are alerted and in turn alert you. In many case, issues can be analysed and resolved before they have any major impact on your business. 

Device and upgrade management

No need to worry keeping you network equipment  up to date. We manage and apply software and firmware updates with minimal downtime. These updates are often required to fix security or performance bugs, add features or ensure compatibility with the latest network standards.

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WiFi Survey Audits

Our WiFi expert conduct an thorough and in-depth technical study using our unique in-house mobile application which supports the advanced and comprehensive technical site survey: analysis of the signal power received and the signal/noise ratio, analysis of the radio channel capacity, spectral analysis of potential radio interferences, analysis of the frame repetition rate, multi-path analysis, etc.

Installation and Commissioning

Wifirst uses a network of certified partners for deployment, with the greatest respect for your environment and your guests. A high-end and best in class hardware is always selected to deliver a robust and efficient infrastructure

Internet Connectivty

Your site is connected to the Wifirst core network via fibre optic. Wifirst, a registered operator, takes care of the ordering, connecting and operating the Internet connectivity, and has sole legal responsibility for its use.

Operation and Support

Wifirst provides 24/7 supervision of all the active equipment installed on this site, which enables it to not only to resolve but to also anticipate most incidents. Furthermore, Wifirst makes very strong commitments to the service availability rate and fault resolution with highly organised and rigorous technicians.

WiFi Captive Portal

The newly connected users will automatically be directed to a web page called "captive portal". Wifirst will tailor the captive portal page to your brand image and preferences. Designed with a responsive layout to deliver a seamless experience, making the web page look good, across all devices: desktops, laptops, tablets, smartphones, etc …)

Real-time Monitoring

The Wifirst Centre is your dedicated extranet allowing real-time supervision of your network, assessment of usage statistics, access to Wifirst support and more. Have full visibility of your site using dynamic floor plan diagrams to see the location and status of each network device in real time.